Gro-West Property Services

Taos, New Mexico! We’re here to protect your property investment with over 25 years of professional experience!

Gro-West! Prides itself on knowledge, professionalism, high-quality performance and outstanding client services.

Quality! Landscape and property maintenance helps protect your investment as well as preserve the beauty and function of your home.

Proactivity! Not only do we provide consistent, quality Landscape Maintenance, but you can also count on us to provide on-site assessments, proposals or references for any other noticeable property concerns.

Specialize! In complete organic or integrated landscape management and renovation programs along with irrigation troubleshooting, maintenance and repair.

Affordable! Solutions for light electrical, plumbing, painting, fencing, window washing and green cleaning.

Communication! The key to our success is proactive communication and responding quickly to all inquiries or concerns, leading to many long-term relationships with our valued clients

Safety! Is a top priority. Gro-West is determined to promote safe working conditions and attitudes. Our uniformed staff utilizes only modern, properly maintained tools and equipment.

Perfect! Gro-West develops custom tailored plans for large estates, second homeowners, commercial properties, condominium projects and residential renovations.

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“Ensuring the quality that you expect and deserve”
S  U  S  T  A  I  N  A  B  I  L  I  T  Y
Protect    .    Enhance    .    Maintain

Protect • Enhance • Maintain