The Irrigation Maintenance Package includes

• System start up
• System assessment
• Assessment report with recommendations for upgrades and repairs
• Service call availability
• System winterization

Irrigation systems should not be viewed as “set and forget”. Proper and timely maintenance can reduce water consumption, save money with less plant loss, and help to maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape.

Irrigation Start-up & Assessment

In the spring, we open up water valves and activate electrical components. A complete system review ensuring that all components are functioning properly. Our inspection checklist will ensure a thorough evaluation is performed. This will ensure proper operation of your irrigation system to keep your landscape healthy.

Irrigation End-of-Season Winterization

The winter elements can cause extensive damage to your sprinkler system if not winterized properly. Winterizing your irrigation system is the safest way to protect your investment.

Irrigation Upgrades & Repairs

Whether your landscaping has changed, if the system was not originally installed properly or damage has occurred, we will provide detailed recommendations to improve the existing system layout and efficiency. With Assessment Report in hand, you will have a clear itemized report to allow you to property budget for immediate upgrades and potential future repairs.
Always-timely scheduled service calls and a quick response to all emergencies!

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